Package Design/ 

VRSE was one of the first brands in the motion based mobile VR market. My main objective was to create packaging layout that showed the license first and foremost while all games under the VRSE umbrella would have the same look that would be identifiable and universal to work with all types of licensed brands. 

I designed the layout to let the Batman brand be very forward and present while wrapping it around the VRSE brand. I really like how I evolved the bat art from the comic book frame by adjusting the art to create an interesting silhouette that frames the key art.

Unleashing the full potential of visual storytelling, 
I harnessed the power of Keyshot to render captivating product shots that mesmerized the senses, 
while adding an irresistible layer of allure through intricate overlays and mesmerizing effects in Photoshop.
 Fueling my creative journey, I embarked on a quest to curate the perfect marketing key art, where serendipity struck as I stumbled upon a mesmerizing scene in a Batman comic book, generously provided by Universal. Enraptured by the iconic image of Batman boldly emerging, accompanied by a breathtaking swarm of bats, I seized the opportunity to craft a captivating transitional mask, expertly blending it with my layout to create an unforgettable visual symphony. Then found a way to utilize Universal's key art to create the same effect for Jurassic World.

Jurassic World Iteration