Dynamic Design

Integrating Batman's Iconic 
Imagery with VRSE Branding

I designed the layout to prominently feature the Batman brand while seamlessly integrating it with the VRSE identity. By evolving the bat art from the comic book frame and adjusting it to create an intriguing silhouette, I was able to frame the key art in a captivating and dynamic way. This design approach ensured that the Batman brand stood out, while also maintaining a cohesive connection to the VRSE brand.

Branding/ Package Design/ 
Asset Creation/

VRSE, a pioneering brand in the motion-based mobile VR market, set out to revolutionize the way we experience virtual reality with our smartphones. My primary objective was to develop a packaging design that prominently showcased the licensed brand while maintaining a cohesive and recognizable look for all games under the VRSE umbrella. This approach ensured that every VRSE product could seamlessly integrate various licensed brands, offering a universally engaging and identifiable experience.

Jurassic World Iteration