Branding/ Package Design/ 3D/ Illustration/

VRSE was one of the very first brands in the motion based mobile VR market with two of the most popular licensed brands ever. My main function was to create the packaging identity for each that would tie them together while being distinctive to their brand while looking modern tech. 

I designed the layout to show the licensed brand logo and key art in the same location for consistency on shelf. The asset art from Universal was really good quality and was a pleasure to work with while trying to capture the feeling of the game in positioning and sizing everything along side renderings and information on the game.

Working with an Art Director and Product Designer, I rendered all the assets for the packaging in Keyshot and added overlays and effects in Photoshop. As a true fan of Batman and Jurassic World, it was an honor to work with such great properties and the brand assets from Universal were top notch but Batman I had to do most of the creative work on the key art for that one.