Hover Racer

The innovative team at Skyrocket gamified drones with a nod to the Drone Racing League, with Hover Racer. Hover Racer ties in with our mobile app allowing for setting up courses and timing races. I was responsible for the branding and asset creation as well as the design for the apps interface. I made it look very modern and like a race car dashboard.

Texturing and Rendering 

New rendering technology is allowing us to make objects look more and more realistic with exacting perfection in lighting and reflections. 

I was particularly happy with the realism I created in all the drone renderings which were used from everything from  instructions to the packaging to the website and all marketing touchpoints.

I supported the product design team with creating deco options for the drones. It was a fun challenge given the complex curves.

In the render above, the use of varying textures of the plastic break up the body and give a sophisticated look without extra deco cost.