Branding/ Package Design/ 
Asset Creation/

With limited TV advertising, Mebo relied on a viral push as well as a well designed packaging that could illustrate the value and all the features while still looking clean and modern. We met in the middle with a strong read and a few supporting assets to sell the full value of the product. The marketing directive on the original Mebo was a modern day assitant, decked in all white with neutral blue accent he did ok. With Mebo 2.0 we added a little more edge, with it's red glowing eye and all blacked out, Mebo eminated stealthy spy robot. 

Identity, 3D renderings, special effects, retouching and package design. 
Mebo was a challenge of storytelling. The original Mebo is white and inspirational ala Apple, 
compared to Mebo 2.0, which is more stealth and mischievous with his recording option. 
Dark packaging was used to complete the story.


Everything Mebo sees streams straight to your phone in 720p high definition. Take pictures or record videos to post and share online!