Branding/ Package Design/ 
3D Modeling & Rendering/ Special Effects/

As a team member at tag, we were tasked to create a physical mailer to drive traffic to facebook rewards online portal. I developed the concept and dieline for the pop-up store  that pops-up when you open the page and  folds down flat when yuou close it. I also laid out the other items in the kit.  It included a  shelf wobbler, the terminal wobbler tag, a window cling..

I modeled and textured the whole kit all laid out in 3D to show the client all the value the customer will be receiving as well as the strategy for which items we selected and how cohesive it all looks. Simultaneously, our team developed  a small business welcome kit for Instagram as well.

Instagram Small Business Kit

The task at tag was to develop a welcome kit for new Instagram small business advertisers to help them execute on creating quality visuals that will jump start sales and interest around their store's Instagram account.

Instagram's goal was to help it's small business clients to engage more with their customers and thus the platform by jump starting content creation which has been a hurdle for small to mid sized businesses navigating the social media landscape.